Sunday, January 22, 2006

Quick Notes

For this of you coming by Sunday or Monday to check this, sorry. The full review won't be up until Monday night at the latest. I'd bet more on early Wednesday afternoon, actually. Finishing up January term with a project this weekend and so I'm strapped for time.

Quick thoughts, though:

- Good episode with a solid script that I laughed at.
- Still a terrible lack of Kirsten/Sandy moments, and a complete lack of Kirsten/Sandy moments where they talk about themselves.
- Willa Holland looks like Mischa Barton, is about ten times the actress she is, but needs to work some on the voice as she struggles to hide her accent.
- The fact that Johnny's still going strong in the episodes is a terrible, terrible thing. He was in the last scene of the episode which shows exactly where this show's priorities lie.
- I loved all the Seth/Summer/Taylor moments, particularly the moments where Taylor was incredibly over the top. The moment she crashes, it'll be scary and great television.
- Julie/Neil is easily the best love story the writers have crafted. They aren't necessarily the best couple, but it's the best told story, slow to unfold and beautifully written. These two have excellent chemistry, so I'm hoping he sticks around.


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